Dr. Stephanie Cernicek

Dr. Cernicek is a Ph.D. chemist dedicated to increasing the scientific community’s knowledge of cannabinoids and their many uses. She received her B.S. in Chemistry in 2011, a M.S. in Chemistry 2013, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2017 from the University of Missouri- St. Louis. Currently, she is the Senior Chemist at the BeLeaf Company. On a daily basis, Dr. Cernicek interacts with patients and physicians to design the most efficacious medical cannabis plans and products based on the patient’s specific diagnosis and circumstances.

Her years of experience as a chemist allow her to apply scientific techniques and methods to the creation of new cannabis products. Utilizing a variety of cutting edge technology from both the academic and the cannabis worlds, Dr. Cernicek works to develop a wide range of products from accurately dosed inhalers and nose sprays, to new varieties of consumable products. As a Ph.D. Chemist, Dr. Cernicek utilizes and interprets results from HPLC, ICP-MS, GC-MS, and other scientific instruments to determine cannabinoid content, terpene profiles, and levels of toxins such as solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides. Dr. Cernicek is currently serving as a member of the ASTM International D37 committee on cannabis, working to create a set of global standards for all aspects of the cannabis industry.

Dr. Jeff Chen

Dr. Chen obtained a specialized dual degree MD/MBA program at UCLA. He is the Founder and Director of NICER — the National Institute of Cannabis and Endocannabinoid Research — a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization accelerating CBD research by "crowdsourcing" health data from CBD patients (www.nicernow.org). Dr. Chen is a published scientific author in clinical oncology research, a U.S. patent holder, and has studied Chinese herbal medicine since youth.  Jeff hopes that organizations like NICER and BeLeaf will galvanize the scientific and medical community to advance cannabinoid research and development.

Mitch Meyers

Backed by an impressive resume of achievements in the marketing field, Mitch Meyers brings a fresh perspective to the cannabis and hemp industry. After spending several years in the audit and accounting field, Mitch realized that product development and marketing was her true calling. From there, she went on to work extensively with Anheuser-Busch, leading their new products group for six years (ushering the brewing giant into the all-natural beverages space), as well as developing the winning creative strategy that introduced Bud Light to the market.

She has built a marketing and brand development agency that worked with many Fortune 100 clients, honed her strategic instincts and business development skills to run a company with 350 employees (and offices in 5 states), and subsequently sold the agency. 

John Curtis

John Curtis has been involved with the cannabis movement for two decades. As a student, he interned with renowned cannabis author, advocate and educator Jack Herer. During his career as a journalist, Mr. Curtis worked the politics beat for one of the top news and talk radio stations in St. Louis, later going on to work for local CBS affiliate Metro Networks. In 2005, Mr. Curtis left journalism and purchased Cold Spring Farms, a sustainable food production venture composed of 40 acres just southwest of St. Louis. There, he focused on direct sales from grower to customer, helping make market crops and greens accessible and affordable.

As the cannabis movement gained traction, Mr. Curtis sold his farm in 2009 and relocated to Boulder, Colorado. There he opened his first medical cannabis dispensary in 2010, along with a growth operation aimed at helping those in need to safely acquire high-quality cannabis. His efforts to develop strains tailored to the needs of his customers led him to expand his reach to three dispensaries and three grow options, at one time reaching 20,000 square feet of production.

Having witnessed firsthand the profound effect of medicinal cannabis on thousands of customers, Mr. Curtis returned to St. Louis in 2015 after Missouri began allowing limited CBD oil production. Today, he acts as Director of Production for the BeLeaf company.