The restorative power of Noah's ReLeaf

You’ve seen the anguish of life with intractable epilepsy.

Now see what Noah’s ReLeaf can do.

Where many prescription medicines have failed, Noah’s ReLeaf emerges as an almost magical answer to the horrors of intractable epilepsy — A true godsend for those whose lives have been ravaged by constant seizures. Finally, peace of mind can be restored to epilepsy patients and their families thanks to CBD oil’s benefits. Here’s how Noah’s ReLeaf is different.

Whole-plant hemp oil

Whole-plant oil makes a world of difference.  Unlike oils extracted only from select parts of the hemp plant, or fragmented with some of the best parts removed, our Noah’s ReLeaf CBD oil harnesses what scientists call “the entourage effect”. This means using the whole plant to reap all the benefits of CBD oil, for a pure, more effective and natural treatment for epilepsy.

In the past, those looking for natural relief from epileptic seizures have had limited options—due to outdated attitudes toward hemp growth here in the United States, CBD users were confronted with a choice between various substandard imported oils made only from the seeds and stalk of the hemp plant — not the flower. While these oils are readily accessible online, their suspect quality far outweighs the potential benefits. Additionally, much of this foreign hemp is produced with the use of toxins and dangerous pesticides—not good for the hemp plant, and not good for you.

This ends with Noah’s ReLeaf. Thanks to new legislation and reclassification from the FDA, hemp can now be grown domestically and processed as a whole-plant extraction. That’s what Noah’s ReLeaf is—a whole-plant CBD oil where the hemp is used in its entirety to create a highly concentrated, potent solution for intractable epilepsy. Our hemp is specially cultivated to preserve the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that make it effective, while also maintaining an ultra-low THC level of less than 0.3%. And, of course, it’s grown safely without the use of harsh chemicals. Finally, a truly natural answer to the symptoms of epilepsy.

Reliable & responsible methods

We grow our hemp in the U.S. in a very controlled environment alongside experienced growers who remain committed to non-GMO, all natural cultivation methods. Noah’s ReLeaf CBD oil is always carefully extracted through a slow process conducted at low temperatures — so all the CBD oil benefits are preserved to give you and your family unsurpassed results.

A trusted balance

We understand what you’re searching for in seizure relief — and what you’re not. Noah’s ReLeaf has been carefully developed to deliver the ideal CBD to THC ratio, offering maximum benefits with no psychoactive side effects. Our goal is your goal: to reduce seizures and rebuild your life.