What Makes Cannabis Medicine?

Cannabinoids 101: This video gives you a brief look at Cannabis Chemistry.  Not only will you gain a better understanding of your medicine, you'll be able to educate others on how CBD works:  CBD prefers receptors located throughout the body.  Aiming the right cannabinoids at the right receptors you can get a wide variety of different types of relief.  This concept is the cornerstone of why cannabis works as a medicine.  

Research shows that whole plant contains a far wider variety of therapeutic compounds, at least 85 different types.  Proving why cannabis is truly a safe and effective remedy. 


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BeLeaf Facility Opening Soon

We apologize for the length of time it has taken to open the BeLeaf facility. We have spent a year to develop an indoor grow facility where we can protect our plants and create the cleanest, third party tested oils. Our hemp  plant has been tested on many individuals over the last two years with intractable epilepsy and we are seeing great success rates. We will have Noah's Releaf oil in 3 weeks at the BeLeaf Company in our St. Louis office.  Anyone with a cannabidiol card please contact us and make an appointment.  314-209-0859

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