In what seemed like a hopeless fight against epilepsy, many families have now discovered hope. Noah’s ReLeaf has restored normalcy to the daily lives of adults and children alike, helping them manage and reduce the frequency of even the most severe seizures.

CBD oil effects

With fewer seizures every day and less severity when seizures do strike, you can begin to rebuild your life and restructure your days. Noah’s ReLeaf acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, lessening activity that negatively impacts the nervous system — as a result, when you begin to introduce Noah’s ReLeaf, you may find that improved focus, sleep cycles, and appetite are other positive CBD oil effects.

Responses in children

Not only does CBD oil help decrease the debilitating seizures that keep children with intractable epilepsy from enjoying a normal childhood— it actually helps them regain the ground they had lost in their early-stage education and development. Uninhibited by the threat of an incapacitating seizure, these children can return to their schools, their playgrounds, and their lives.

A social spirit

Epileptic seizures interrupt a child’s social development, making it difficult for them to interact, engage, and even verbalize. Additionally, many FDA-approved epilepsy medications actually compound this problem. With a Noah’s ReLeaf regimen, children with epilepsy can regain their playful nature, initiating games, relating with their peers, and communicating more freely.

A step forward

The development of crucial motor skills may have been stunted due to epilepsy, but Noah’s ReLeaf can offer your child the time he needs to rebuild and repair these abilities. From early coordination skills like crawling to fine movements like those required to stack blocks or complete puzzles, Noah’s ReLeaf can help.