Though there are many unknown causes of seizure activity, there are some triggers that are known. It is clear that chronic, severe inflammation of the central nervous system is a key factor for determining who will experience seizures—luckily, cannabinoids are able to reduce this inflammation through chemical and neurological pathways.

As a general rule of thumb, all-natural foods and beverages are always preferable in a seizure diet rather than manmade and highly processed foods. Not only do processed foods have a higher likelihood of including some of the above ingredients, but they also tend to have “unwritten” ingredients in them that make it harder to check labels accurately. Always avoid these to ensure a better diet for seizure management.

Managing seizures and diet

There are some substances that can actually aggravate the inflammation of the nervous system, making seizures more frequent and more severe. The following ingredients should always be avoided in order to lessen seizure activity—be sure to thoroughly check food and beverage labels to confirm whether an ingredient is present to achieve a better diet for seizure management


Conversely, the following ingredients actually provide beneficial results in a seizure diet and can help further reduce inflammatory conditions that may trigger seizures.


A note on preparation: regardless of what you eat, be sure to use only glass containers when heating foods and beverages in the microwave — plastic containers are known to leech dangerous chemicals into the foods they hold, which can be harmful to the entire family.


For all the above diet and health tips, please be sure to consult with your physician to determine the best course of action for you or your child.